Thank you!

“Thank you – the course was packed with information and a completely new approach for me – to realize how, when, why, where to use plants as medicine! And it was fun too. You are an amazing teacher and are able to transmit your passion wonderfully.” Evi, Apothecary Class I

thanks so much!

“My mind and spirit has expanded so much over the past two weeks! Thank you so much for a wonderful Apothecary course. I look forward to digesting all the knowledge that you shared and using it to heal.”  Nikkie, Apothecary Class I and II

Thanks again

“Thanks again for a great class. It’s got me thinking about the things I’m using and eating in a new way.”      Jody,   Apothecary Class

I loved the weekly classes

“I loved the weekly classes you gave. I think of what I learned about plants and trees from you ALL THE TIME! Roots, mycelium, the way the leaves are shaped. Every time I water my bromeliad I think of you and water it from the top and watch as the water drips down. Looking so…