Meeting Ourselves in Myth

Myth and folklore speak to the deepest, and sometimes the darkest aspects of ourselves, and they do it in the safest way possible, allowing us to believe that they speak of ‘the other’. Yet in our hearts and our souls we know they speak of our own experience.

In Meeting ourselves in Myth, we call together a small intimate group of women from all the 4 directions to dive into sacred myth. To explore, relish, and ultimately release those aspects of ourselves buried deep within our own stories, our own myths.

Through creative writing exercises, sharing stories and sacred storytelling we will meet and embrace the characters who populate our deepest selves.

Saturday November 17th-Thursday November 22nd

Retreat highlights:

Beautiful tropical location, warm Caribbean waters and pristine forest

Morning guided meditation and movement

Daily self exploration and revelation through creative storytelling exercises

‘Owning the Story’ sharing circles

Evening storytelling, the sacred and profane

Ceremonial song circles with Mary Mullen of Healing Song

Touching wind: time with the horses of Kindred Spirit

Guided plant / jungle walk

Time to relax, journal, dream

Intimate women’s gathering

5 nights accommodation

Women’s Stories

In every great myth cycle there exists strong feminine forces, each representing an aspect of our own beings. We embody all of them. In living into myth we gift ourselves time and space to meet each feminine principle. Some are a delight, some are awkward, some may be terrifying: but each of them is a part of us.

Myths give us an opportunity to reconnect, to re-engage with parts of our selveswe may have lost or hidden or ostracized. They open us, allowing ourselves to be whole; to see all aspects as necessary, complete and beautiful.

In Meeting Ourselves in Myth, we can embrace the totality of our beings. Understanding ourselves within the greater feminine principles, recognizing ourselves as sacred feminine.

In this retreat you will:

  • experience the power and beauty of women together in supported self expression
  • embrace your story
  • delight in the joy of ceremonial singing
  • understand the secrets of the fairytales
  • feel the magic of what horses can teach us
  • immerse yourself in the sacred rite of sharing stories
  • reconnect with your intuitive imagination
  • have fun with friends in the tropical warmth

Our days

We awake to the sounds of the jungle and the Caribbean Sea. This is the ideal time to walk on the beach, or enjoy private meditation or self reflection.

From 8-9am we gather for guided meditation and movement practice.

Breakfast will be buffet style, with fresh local organic fruit, breads, oatmeal, produce and  tea or coffee.

10:15-12:30 we meet for our morning session: creative writing exercises, sharing story, song or an activity.

12:30-1:30 lunch

1:45-2:45 our afternoon session

2:45-5:30 time for integration, beach, napping: whatever feels right for you.

5:30-6:30 dinner

6:45 gathering for story and circle

Each night falling asleep to the sounds of the jungle and the waves of the beautiful Caribbean Sea.

Your facilitators:

Ancel Mitchell is a storyteller, educator, chocolate maker and herbalist, among other things. Growing up with the legends and folktales of her native Scotland, Ancel has been fascinated by the power of the imagination and the healing aspects of stories for decades. Working with children for over 20 years and now with adults, she brings a glut of enthusiasm and imagination to her retreats and workshops. She has a gift for holding joyful experiences, whether they be weddings or introductions to local plants: igniting enthusiastic participation and opening hearts. Having taught on numerous retreats in Scotland and Costa Rica, Ancel is excited to be leading ‘Meeting Ourselves in Myth’ in her adopted town of Puerto Viejo.

Mary Mullen is a teacher and coach who assists others in finding their inner strengths and interpreting them in a way that can be translated into gifts to be contributed and shared with the world and society. She began her practice teaching people to sing and specializing in teaching people who think they can’t sing but have either always wanted to, or recently experienced a new desire rto participate in life in this way. Mary is a singer for the Lakota Sun Dance every summer. She also is a singer for both of the Womens’ Moon Dances in Costa Rica. In this respected position, Mary is the holder of the sacred songs of the Lakota and Moon Dance traditions.

Terry Newton is a yoga instructor, therapist and the woman behing Kindred Spirits Horses. “The practices that we do with the horses is a healing process for all that are present. The horses are often our guides during those moments, or gentle observers supporting us in our personal journey of healing. As we open the doors for a deeper connection with them, we also open the doors we have sometimes closed on ourselves. As a healer, it is not about healing others, but about facilitating harmony so that they can heal themselves. Allowing the healing to take place where and when it is needed in both horse and person.”

The location

Bathed by the warm waters of the Caribbean, nestled by pristine rainforest and low tree clad hills, Puerto Viejo is a small cosmopolitan town in the south eastern corner of Costa Rica. We will be staying by the healing volcanic black sand beach of Playa Negra. This area is home to not only some of the most spectaular marine and land wildlife in the tropics, but also a community thriving with the beats of reggae, farmers market and artisinal food and arts. Many bodyworkers and therapists call the area home, so enjoy relaxing bodywork, or head to the waves for a surf class in your daily self-care session!

In a sweet nutshell:

  • Saturday November 17th-Thursday November 22nd
  • 5 nights accommodation
  • locally sourced, organic breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • morning and afternoon Meeting Ourselves in Myth sessions
  • morning with horses
  • storytelling evenings
  • morning guided meditations and movement practices


$960 for non Central American residents

$600 for Central American residents

($420 for participation without accommodation, $320 for participation without accommodation or meals)

Questions and Booking