Meeting Ourselves in Myth


Dear friends,

today is the eve of my 50th birthday. It seems an obvious moment for some self reflection. Most of you know me for plant classes and medicine making, but moving forward into this next decade I find myself wishing to focus more on my first love: fairytales and Myth. From the earliest age I have been mesmerized and intrigued by the characters peering out of the dark forests of story. I’ve imagined myself entering Myth and into relationship with those fantastical and fabulous creatures. As I have grown, the stories have become important as ways to understand my life, to make sense of my relationships, my feelings, my world. Story is how we communicate. It’s the way we can speak to and of the deepest, often darkest aspects of ourselves in safety.

This year I have had the pleasure of working with story amongst women. It has been a magical experience. A joy in relishing and sharing these incredibly poignant and deep moments. Moments when stories burst open for someone and they see a map, or an answer they have been searching for, sometimes without even realizing they were looking.

This November I will be holding a 5 day retreat here in Puerto Viejo, Meeting Ourselves in Myth, an opportunity for a small group of women to gaze deeply into story and see themselves, their mythic selves, gazing back. Through creative writing, sharing stories and sacred storytelling we will meet the characters who populate our deepest selves. I’m so excited to be joined by Sun and Moon Dance Singer Mary Mullen and Kindred Spirit Horse Woman Terry Newton to bring you a really amazing retreat.

As many of us live and work in Costa Rica, my intention is to make this experience incredible yet affordable.

For 5 nights and 6 days with delicious organic vegetarian food the cost is $600*.

*There is an option to join which does not include accommodation for $420.

**There is an option which includes neither accommodation nor food for $320.

For more information please message me 💕

retreat highlights

• warm Caribbean waters and lush jungle

• morning guided meditation and movement practices

• daily self exploration and revelation through creative writing

• owning the story sharings

• evening sacred storytelling

• beautiful location

• singing circle

• a magical morning with Kindred Spirit horses

• time to relax, journal, dream

• creating an intimate women’s circle

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